Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NBA Finals #6 - Jun 18, 2013

I have been a sports fan ever since I knew a game... I have been a Spurs fan ever since I knew NBA. Today I possibly saw the greatest game all my life!
If you are a Spurs fan and you watched all of this game, it was heart-wrenching.
If you are a Heat fan and you missed even a minute of it, you really missed IT.

Manu (#20), you are the biggest sportsperson I love to watch on the field (or court) today.
Timmy (#21), you are the sporting hero I want kids to look up to.
Tony (#9), for the first time I feel sorry for you not winning a game today.
Kawhi (#2), you will be the basketball hero after the Big 3 in San Antonio for me, but you clanged a big-time FT :(
and Pop, you have always come up as someone unable to improve the rebounding ability of a very talented group of players, still, today may have been the biggest mistake of your celebrated coaching career :(

The big 3 may well retire after this series, I don't think you are winning another championship as a Spur after this :( You may well have lost this series too :( :( :(

Under 30 seconds to go, you have a 5 point lead.... You lose that game?!?!?! HOW!!!!! With the minds of Popovich, Ginobili, Parker, Budenholzer, .... you still didn't want to
 - put Duncan on the floor for defense
 - foul a heat with a 4 point lead and less than 20 seconds to go
 - have a better FT shooting unit than a 63% shooter
 - Couldn't pat the ball off from landing into Bosh's hands
 - Get Danny (#4) nail a second 3 pointer
Come on guys!!

Well, but Thanks, you gave one of the best basketball games I have ever watched. You showed how to drop a game firmly clasped, well this was a championship! Ray Allen, once again, showed how to maintain calm and composure and change the course of a game. Chris Bosh showed how to make sure you keep your words in deeds. There is always the best basketball player of the generation, LeBron James, he showed what needs to be done to keep hopes alive.

At least, unlike Federer, you didn't go down hitting unforced errors, although Manu manages to keep throwing the ball to Heat players.... I will watch one more game of this GREAT TEAM on the 20th. But, this was a painful loss