Thursday, August 13, 2009

Compare Michael Vick to Donte' Stallworth???
I just happened to start reading this column from Jason Cole, and unfortunately, I think that is the worst I have ever read anytime. I am serious, this is really a very very very poor comparison.
One guy, has repeatedly killed dogs, and here is another who was intoxicated and ran over a man. IMO, I don't think we can even compare these two, both of them deserved massive punishments, and I don't see why Michael Vick can already play this season. Now, here comes Mr. Cole who says Commissioner Goodell did the right thing, by handing Donte' a bigger punishment than he did to Michael Vick!!!
These guys have to understand that they are just human beings, irrespective of being immensely talented, being massive earners, being hot shots - these things don't give them the license to breach rules. Would a normal man find it so easy to get another job if he committed something as cruel as what Mr. Vick did (and he's signing up with the Eagles already)? Mr. Stallworth was intoxicated, he drove, and killed a human being. Are you telling me that makes him a worse criminal than Michael Vick? What is the comparison here? That you can kill 100 dogs for a man? Where on earth is the comparison? Please, let me understand. Why do animals not deserve any consideration? Ohhh.... Whatever....