Saturday, February 26, 2005

This might sound stupid to some ppl... But, honestly, if there is one person really worth it, I think its Kamal (yes, the actor). I have started to want to be like him, professionally.
Here's what I found great in him:
1) Dedication to what you do - Honestly, he's no second to anybody when it comes to dedication, you can see this in almost all movies
2) Inspiration - Watch any of his interviews, he'd make you feel you can make the world move the other way, the way he started singing, started directing, and writing lyrics
3) Achievement - He's achieved maximum in filmdom, except may be Ilayaraja. He definitely lacks the stardom that A.R.R has achieved, but acting, dancing, directing, story-telling, accompanied by his singing... man, is there another person who can do all these???
4) Live your life - Give a DAMN to who thinks what about you. THis is the best I like with him. Its my life and don't you dare to interfere in my personal life... Extension of third metacarpal in answer to the blaming finger. So far as his profession is concerned, he's the best in trade. Don't harm anybody, don't worry about what they think about you, life IS heaven that way.

The only thing I dislike about him, is his six-degree slant to Communism. Don't know why he'd like that, against my Randism, still, he's got so many other attitudes which I'd like to emulate. Hail Kamal

P.S: Happened to watch this movie 'Ji', it could have better been titled 'Cheeeeee'. Won't Ajith ever realise its high time he stopped appearing in movies? Or try to learn something from Kamal, rather than trying to imitate him ditto?
'HITCH' - there's definitely a hitch in there... don't want to spend much time on that, tho...


Sunday, February 13, 2005

The guys in google never cease to surprise me... It won't be long before they drive everybody else in the dotcom business out and be all alone at the peak, like Kamalhassan in the film world :) (he atleast had Ilayaraja for quite sometime).
The latest... Its AWESOME. You can move the maps whichever way you want. You can get a map between Rhode Island and Tucson, without losing on resolution...
I am becoming to use google for _EVERYTHING_, categorically. Waiting for the day when we can access google free from cell phones, that would help us find out nearest _anything_ from your current location... MAN, a dream job would be in GOOGLE ;)

P.S: To all those who had not known, I am now in Lexington, working _for_ Lexmark (not with Lexmark tho)