Saturday, March 03, 2007

I have been in this class through the last week. Honestly, everybody knows that this isn't something that comes to you taught or told by somebody over a week. This is what you grow up with. This is what your parents try to inculcate in you. This is what you want to be. I have very sincerely, atleast tried to be this way all my life, and made every sincere attempt. And most of the others that sat this session, did because this was a mandatory course.
It is those that claim this to be their original work, put a trademark symbol over these sentences, and try to make money out of a collection that is falsely claimed as creation, that I despise. It is those, that deride some movie songs and dialogues as funny and stupid, but, hail the exact-same words as words of wisdom, as principles that would drive you the right way, lead you to glory, make you the most effective and noble, when a so-called management-guru writes it. To me, these people just lack sincerity. There can't be one person who could honestly and earnestly say that it was this session that made him follow all those prescribed values. Atleast, one of those "values" is being hypocritically professed. The unfortunate thing to happen is, there have been 300 million (?) copies of this book sold. How many of them read it and practice it in all walks of life... you could count if a sincere hand would be raised.
Anyway, I just wasted 2.5 days through this, yearning to drown my blindness in some enlightenment. But, it is another of those dark-worlds that they were trying to take me into, and I am happy to note that I have already been living in the brighter side of the world.

Bottomline: If you have listened to a Quixtar member, you have attended this course.