Saturday, October 15, 2005

Texas Tech takes on Kansas State today... Despite being disassociated from TTU for close to 1 year, I still love to watch 'em play football, and try to understand the game better.
Last week was the game against Nebraska, when I expected the Cornhuskers to be thrashed by the Red Raiders... But, it happened thus
With his team trailing 31-27, Hodges was picked off by Nebraska's Le Kevin Smith with 1:11 to play, but Smith fumbled while returning the interception. The Red Raiders recovered, giving Hodges one more chance, and he found Joel Filani for a 10-yard touchdown with 12 seconds to go.
Btw, Cody Hodges is our QB. Hope we make it against the Wildcats today (atleast namesake :P)


Monday, October 03, 2005

Minnale Nee Vandhadhenadi....
I wanted to sleep to May Maadham songs, this is the last one and I am listening to it for the Nth time... Listen to the second interlude... ARR has almost equalled Ilaiyaraja... wow, excellent composition... This might flash thru ur thoughts when u listen to songs from Kaadhal Virus and Kaadhal Desam, yet, this one is awesome... Add Vairamuthu's (?) lyrics to it and u're bound to fall in love with this song...
'Paal mazhaikku kaathirukkum bhoomi illaya, oru pandigaikku kaathirukkum saami illaya
Vaarthai vara kaathirikkum kavignan illaya, naan kaathirundhal kaadhal innum neelum illaya
kanneeril thee valarthu kaathirukkiren, un kaaladiththadathil naan poothirukkiren'

Hail Isaippuyal and Kavipperarasu (irrespective of whether he penned the lyrics for this song)