Saturday, April 30, 2005

ANNIYAN - First Feel
This aftie, my friend reminded me (indirectly) that I hadn't listened to Anniyan songs, despite having d/led them around a week back. So, I put my car-borne blues behind, and tuned up my wmp. Being an ardent Kaiviyarasu fan, confirmed it with a google search. Harris Jeyaraj (HJ) has always stood a perfect Rahman-mould, every song reminds you of another.
The first song started with a standard HJ bluff (Omahasiya ishtyle), richer and posh-er version of his "Thirunelveli halwada". Its different from his other songs, and kaviyarasu lyrics, very well suited to bear the stamp 'A Shankar Movie'. You can imagine what Shankar'd have done to his creativity with this song, can't wait to see this song. Personally, don't like songs with "thaan" ending lines, like in this song, "Hiroshima nee thaano, Nagasaki nee thaano", these "thaan"s are just fillers, the lyricist seriously din't know what to fill in. To get this from Vairamuthu, doesn't show good of the tamil film industry. "amoebavaai urumaarum"? has shankar done sthg, or vikram has become that rubbery a dancer? And don't forget 'R E M O', there's something in this movie for this....
Then, comes "Andangaakka.." Lyrics, VM has come a full circle. Whatever "IR8 pallu kaari" means (can understand 'pacharisi pallu', have really seen such :D ), I liked the lines "unna naakkadiyil karkandaaga ozhichen", "tent kottaa interval murukke", (don't even listen to the next line), and HJ's "randakka randaka randaka". But, the song reminded me of the other stupid, but music-wise decent, "kichu kichu pannuda.." song, probably they two are of the same carnatic-base or this one's inspired.
And now, a little-abrupt-yet-good transition from one of the best carnatic songs to "Iyengaar veettu azhage.." (wudn't have it been awesome if it was "Iyengaar aathu azhage" going with the song, and for the alliteration, and why "iyengaarU"?). The music cannot be called great, yet is very good. The lyrics are superb, I loved "un pol azhagi pirakkavum illai, inimel pirandhaal adhu nam pillai", but why is "Kaadhalan samarthu kaadhalin thollai"? Does this mean sthg or did VM take a nap inbetween? But, the way he explains the heroine is no less than vairamuthu at his best.. "magarandha podigalai eduthu, adhil manjal thandham konjamittu idithu, iru kannam engum sunnam poosi vannam seidhaano"!!!, and the great usage when saying "thayangaadhe, mella thodangattum azhagiya thavarugal", wow, a great rendition that drowns the obscenity in its beauty. There's another such piece, which is definitely censured from this blog ;). I would like to confirm if this song is of the same raaga as "Narumugaiye", my little knowledge in carnatic music suggests I don't say more, for it could just be that HJ lifted a piece from ARR for its second interlude!
Then the THEME, now a good business strategy of having it in the album, which I really love. Some of the greatest pieces from Raja were lost, not having done this earlier. Coming back, this theme makes Saamurai and Kaakha kaakha (particularly thoodhu varuma) resurface from amongst the mellifluence.. But, a very good piece, suggests something in the movie... Transition of the hero???
"Kannum Kannum Nokia", not a great fan of this song. Probably Shankar can't complete a movie without such a song. VM seems to have been forced to write the lyrics. Can't remember for long. A decent piece, but seems like it only completes the (?) formality. This one's got that 'REMO' thing come again.... hmm, what has the movie got to do with it??? The strum in the background and the mexicanism is kindakool. But, look at "Apple laptop penne", wow, an apple lappie really looks like "gotta have one", gud one VM! Song could have probably done GREAT for a movie with lesser expectations.
Now comes HJ's masterpiece "Shanjaane thone thaaneee nenaano", wherever he gets these from!!! "Oh Shukumaari..." For once, Shankar Mahadevan (SM) has impressed me without having shouted, and the agraharamic accent in the prelude of the song is superb. HJ seems to have taken a conscious effort in keeping SM from shouting and not spoiling his good score, or attenuated it in his re-recording. And, VM has flashed his brilliance in "En Kaadhal sikki mukki thikki vikkudhu, kumaaari, en nenju vimmi pammi nikkudhu, kumaari, en vaarthai kadal vatthivittadhe"!!! "andha kadavulai vidavum periyavan oruvan boomiyil ullaan evan? pen kangalai paarthu kaadhalai sollum theiriyamullavan avan"!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmm, seems like there're lotsa ppl on earth :P, very few i know of tho...
Overall, HJ has done a great job, no lesser than what ARR cud possibly have done. Definitely worth the CD (not that Iam going to buy it :P )


I have seen cars designed for extra performance, but, now the driver-side door of my car has got a special design. I was initially very upset, that my beautiful corolla was misfigured, and I got to pay for no mistake of mine, but on poring a li'l more, seems like this could have been a great design to enhance speed :P
Imagine, the whole car semi-concaving out from the hood (like tapering towards the hood), it helps in smooth flow of air, and reduces speed-inhibition by wind (my car hasn't reached this style, but, the foundation has been laid).
With Corolla being so popular a car, it was initially difficult for me to identify mine in Wal-Mart or other places, but, now mine is unique. No time wasted identifying it ;)
Suppose someone hits the other side, I don't have to spend money on it... It would be a great design, and this could be a trend-setter :P Toyota should probably consider making these designs anymore ;)
I have a small vent near the paddles.. hmmmm, with summer on, I'dn't be feeling hawt inside ;) Come on, you guys could have heard a moon/sun roof, I got a road-vent ;)

Honestly, I am upset about the state of my car, and the "thundu in my budget"... But, have started looking at the +ves



Tuesday, April 26, 2005

...until u're caught... but, seems, it definitely is a crime to aid the criminal, and u'd soon have to pay the price...

I was proved yet again today that god does not exist :(


Monday, April 25, 2005

A L A S!!!
It probably was A Late-April's Snow that threw wet leaves on my day. My friends sent me photos from their weekend trip, and I really started missing Lubbock :( With this car thing always playing in the back of my mind, I had mood for nothing in office today, except to mess up with my home dir #o.
But, happened to watch MX y'day... Man, seriously ppl have no conscience when they say this movie was bad... By no means could you call this movie bad, ofcourse, dialogues by crazy mohan'd have made it a lot more funny, still, there was enough to laugh in the movie... like kamal being mistaken for a police officer (man, this exactly is what crazy loves... aalmaaraattathula crazy mohan-a minja ulagathula aale kedaiyaadhe. jus' watch the 15 minutes after interval in poovellam kettuppar or naam 2 namakku 2), or the way vaiyapuri gets nosey. Honestly, it was a good entertainer, a filler from kamal, but definitely not a bad one... These ppl jus' hate kamal for nothing, either its obscene or its lacklustre... whatEVER..
Watching it a second time now, to kill my boredom and down-chin.... cya

btw, 2 of my friends are blogging.. one fraud never told me, the other has jus' started... hmmm, neways, not going to alter my roster, let's wait and see how long they last :P


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Its really sad that I had to come up with this boring a blog, despite taking a long break. But, was waiting to watch CM and MX before I'd write anything.
Finally, I broke my boredom with a series of movies, watched CM, Nallavanukku Nallavan, and Kadhalukku... (Mariyadhai is yet to be seen :P ).
I should admit I'ven't watched Manichithra Thaazhu, but CM (rajini has finally succeeded in getting some kinda CM attributed to him now :P) wasn't as bad, and definitely worth watching once. Some of my friends said, it was obscene, but, I only feel its become a part of all movies these days, and you could watch this movie with anybody. My ex-roomie is probably losing his youth now, and finds all these indecent. We never felt 'Boys' was off-the-limit, how on earth can CM be???
Nallavanukku Nallavan, wait, I am definitely not a rajini fan, not 10% an anantha, but, I like this movie, and it has been more than a decade since I watched this. This time, it was really funny, like the first fight in the movie.... Rajini throws a cape at one of the villain's men, who manages to catch it with his teeth, holds it there, when our hero kicks and throws the others, then rajini pulls the cape, the other person comes closer and is kicked, thalaivar makes him catch the cape with his hand, which he holds to aid thalaivar hit the others... man, couldn't stop laughing. Then there was this dialogue by radhika, "oru ponnu ulla paduthirukkum podhu, kadhava saathittu neenga hall-la padutheengale, adhu enna porutha varaikkum MA padichadhukku samam"... it took me a few minutes before I could recover from my laughter and get back to watching the movie. Then the usual masala stuff, and the nice second part.. a bit too sentimental for me to watch when alone...
Kadhalukku Mariyaadhai - have been waiting for the 5th day for MX to be downloaded... I hate this internet connection, I haven't been able to download anything at greater than 25KB/s, a dial-up could have been faster... In the meantime, read the story of MX, and gtk thalaivar (this time real thalaivar) had written the dialogues himself ( #o )... kamal can definitely not write dialogues for a comedy, a virumandi or gunaa or aalavandhaan is different, but kaadhala kaadhala, mmkr... well, left to CM (crazy mohan :p ), u know there will be roaring laughter in the theater... but, coming to think of it, my ex-roomie (one person's opinion that carries weightage, when i watch a movie) shd 've watched this movie with 2 other ppl who said anbe sivam was a horrible movie (yes, that's what u call being opinionated, without reason, and this is the same person i say is losing his youth, for probably the same reason), and the other person, to this day has not called a bad movie a bad movie and a good one so (exceptAmerican History X)... So, that gave me enough hope about MX, and am still waiting for it to get completed, which gave me enough free time to waste on KM... another decent movie, with a decent performance from vijay... well, this was one movie that another of my closest friends traveled atleast 17kms to watch 6 times _in_a_theater_ during undergrad...


Monday, April 11, 2005

D R E A M s....
If you thought this would be something about that 'explosive failure' of a Dhanush movie, you're going to be up for the biggest disappointment.
Last night, I don't know if it was the achievement of listening to my heart and not succumbing to sentiment for the first time, or of having lost 2 sets in tennis, or jus' the summer, that kept me awake until about 3:00 a.m. But, when I finally (think I) slept, I was seeing two of my friends from Texas Tech opening in an ODI for India /:) , and to top it, I was asking another friend of mine as to what happened to Sachin and Sehwag @!#$#$#%$#^$
If that was insane and made me get up around 5:15, soon after came another, where I was travelling by train, somewhere in Europe, and all stations had this pedestrian subway with something written in Hindi. An elderly 'desi' lady takes the seat next to me, and with GREAT difficulty, I ask her something in Hindi, because I can't speak a single word in English!!!!!!!
So, here I go... seeking some comfort under my comforter.... Good Night guys... Hope not to come up with more such stories ;)