Saturday, February 14, 2004

Boring is Normal
Life is becoming more and more dull... The way events have been unfolding of late, its only getting disappointing... After that huge a promise in the test matches, the Indians went down again to australia, helplessly prostrating before the Aussie bowlers... Its started snowing in Lubbock and I HATE going out in this cold :(... My crossword skills are at an all-time-low... And as Nattu's blogged, the only way to success seems to be cheating, u fake ur resume and u're guaranteed a job, be it something on campus, or a full-time or even getting an admit into some university.
I've made a decision now, that I shall definitely fake my resume exactly in a year from now, if i don't get a job... who's bothered, no company wants to see what you're actually capable of, its only your claims, so, starting Feb 14, 2005, a jobless VS would claim to be knowing everything between the sun and the cuskeel habitat.